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The Asian Cuisine is healthy, tasty and extremely versatile. It is characterized by different spices and flavours, rice and lentils, as well as exotic fruits. Which is why in Europe, demand for the Asian food industry is also rising steadily.

More than 17 years ago we have started our business. Which we have developed over the years into becoming one of the best asian shop in Germany for Asian and especially for Indian-Pakistani foods.

We offer a wide range of fresh foods such as fresh meat, finest Basmati rice, various types of flour, aromatic spices, exotic fruits or sauces and vegetables as well as frozen products and Indian drinks, which are prepared according to the customary tradition and resells unchanged.

We obtain our wide range of supplies from around the world especially from England and the far eastern countries such as Pakistan and India.

Contact us! It will be a pleasure for us to advise you how you too can benefit from it.

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